What is Amay?

Thank you for your interest in Amay!

Amay (Or, in its own tongue, Amayoru), is a conlang I invented over a long period of time. I made a few words for it in high school (But didn't name it), subsequently forgot about it for years and began making a similar language. When I recovered the old conlang's files from my high school iPad, I subsequently realized many of the randomly invented words were the same ("Chamao" and "samao" were the two words for cat, for example.) Absolutely shaken by the similarities in their wordlists, I decided to pick up the language again and craft it- this time, for myself and for a Doctor Who novel I was writing. Obviously my brain assigned some meaning to these nonsensical sounds and wanted me to use it as a form of communication, if it retained the words subconsciously over a decade. And although I'm not currently writing the novel, I intend to finish it; and I continue to add new words to the language consistently.

As of June 20th, 2021, Amay had 1,526 distinct words. This is only a calculation of the Amay words; many of them have 5+ translations to English, some with non-synonymous meanings, so I estimate the language has a good ~2,500 words at this point, thereby making it a functional language as it has passed the threshhold of 2,000 words.

Can I speak Amay?

Thank you again for your interest in Amay! I fully intend to make a page on the grammar (Which is complete, but simply needs to be presented in a, well, presentable format) and upload it to this website. It's an easy language to learn, particularly because of the flexible grammar, and similarities in vocabulary to languages such as English and Japanese. It can also be a bit of a challenge, due to its extensive use of honorifics in pronouns and grammar. But it lacks verb conjugation and declension, so most hurdles which challenge English speakers are already cleared.

I also intend to translate certain documents to the language; I've done a few Doctor Who short stories, and I want to translate the Standard Works of the LDS Church (That being the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, the Pearl of Great Price, and the Bible [I doubt I will complete the latter due to its length and cultural nuances which I do not understand.]) I also translated a few XKCD comics to the language years ago, but I think they're stuck on an old Macbook.

Who are you, nerd?

Hi there! I'm Josie, 26, American, and very ADHD. Very, very ADHD. I love Agatha Harkness, long walks on the beach, and Nintendo. I have a headmate named Rita; we call each other sisters since having a headmate is pretty much exactly like being a conjoined twin. She's obsessed with cats, wanted to be a veterinarian, and Ringo is her favorite Beatle.